There are a multitude of spin off businesses – each with a set of offspring proliferated across the USA & also in to other countries.

The focus of all businesses is on Financial Development and Capital Growth – broader than wealth creation *(a significant motivating element for the masses & drones which both consume and process operations to build each specific industry service pod.

Business 1.

  • Workers Retirement Plans:
  • embracing IRAs, Roths, & 401k self generation of Contributions
    • a) Employees Personal 401k Contributions’
    • b) Employer Matching Contributions
  • Maximum contributions are the same for each @ $19,500 in 2021 with projected annual increases (at least in line with Inflation and Government Policy)
  • Each city can have several offices or pods where professionals operate from – both physically located & virtually designated to a surrounding geographic boundary consistent with a contained population base.
  • Population size per geographic zone delineates the number of operating pods within a geographic zone.

A plethora of Business Types – each classification generates revenue & profit plus a phased capital process development and its own specificity with inter-connectedness to the larger more extensive mother & offspring

401k self-funded plans are a priority – to furnish Capital for Employees initially and then for Employer Matching Contributions.

There are alternative funding arrangements – with priority for finance based investing – with magnified investment returns produced by Leverage

  • Workers can borrow to fund their Personal Contributions to their 401k Plans and IRAs
  • a) From external lenders: Banks & Private Lenders
  • b) From their own 401k plan for themselves
  • c) From another worker’s 401k plan

Employer loans can be a loan back of their matching contributions – or larger amounts from accumulated investment capital of 401k plans growth over time.

*(any surplus capital available from Employees can be placed outside of 401k vehicles)

The minimum FREE Retirement Capital generated annually for Workers is set by maximum IRS limitations – which in 2021 amount to $19,500 … so that a 15 year term produces for Workers $300,000 without cost (and before extrapolating an earnings rate for the investment over time)

Earnings rates can be fixed or indexed to guarantee returns at 10% to 15% on all investments funded by the Klever Programs.

Business 2,

Employer Benefit Plans – giving Business Owners Free Working Capital yearly

There are 4 phases for Employer Capital:

  • Business expense savings from restructured wage plans & the utilization of 401k programs
  • Salary sacrifice plans
  • Leveraged Matching Contributions & Cash Flow Recycling
  • Employer Cash Flow Loan Backs – able to produce working capital of $10k to $20k per worker each year

Licensed Professionals focus on specific programs to develop clients approved to their skill set.

Referral Systems provide incentives to direct prospects to the best qualified professionals

Business 3

Joint Ventures for multiplier accelerated revenue growth

Our group provides capital & marketing services which generate increased revenue and profit for qualifying businesses.

We share in results so there is no impost on a business.

Exponential Compound growth is achieved by reinvesting in to the client’s business

Business 4

M&A development programs – growth plans plus buying and selling; income streams, complete businesses plus acquired partial equity positions