There is much opportunity to seriously improve investment earnings, utilizing 401k plans with compounding returns in the fund tax immune, plus access to all the money in your 401k early without penalty.

The opportunty for doubling the tax deductions of contributions dramatically enhance ROI especially with all the leverage possibilities, maximum tax rate of 15% – which can be deferred or eliminated when you know how.

With compound reinvestment and gearing (leverage) returns can go through the roof.

The ROBS plan let’s you invest in your own business or one you acquire using money in your 401k – the Base Rate ROI should be greater than 30% as most businesses sell for multiples of earnings of 3 times. Which equates to 33%,

When the capital is pumped in to fund operations it is tax deductible.

If you know how to use a calculator the tax effect drops the cost of investment from 100 down by more than 25%.

Thus a 30% base ROI on 100 becomes 30/80X 100 =37.5% Certainly better than the share market and opportunities to structure Tax Free Capital Gains. You can even have professional business executives manage your business cost free – on a results only basis/ sharing the results.

Example: Executive Salary $100,000

Salary Sacrifice $60,000

Drop Salary to $40,000

$20k Employee Contribution 401k

$20k Employer Contribution 401k

$20k Investment via Employer Business – Marketing Multiplier 3 ways split

Business Valuation 3 times Earnings

ROI 33% – 3 Ways each makes 10% p.a.


Borrowings from Capitalis Yearly

Salary Sacrificing $20k for Business Investment – requirea 2 slices – one to cover disposable income shortfall, the other ior direction in to the investment.

Disposable income make up is around $12.000

‘Investible Capital is the balance = $8,000

  • 7 Years $16,000
  • 14 Years … $32,000
  • 21 Years … $64,000

paying down debt of $20,000 year 21 leaves a balance of $44,000