What is Wrong with your current 401k ?


Even if you have a 401k or IRA will you have the money you need to retire?

If you make a hundred thousand a year you need one and a half million to be ok!

There are Serious Problems with your 401k – some of which are Exposed in the following videos.

A lot of 401k programs are pathetic

you put up a hundred percent of the capital

you take a hundred percent of the risk and

you get only thirty percent of the return

Fortunately Now there is an Eminent Solution:

“The 401KLever Retirement Plan”

which is able to eliminate your concerns about:

  • Fees

  • Market Risk

  • Access to Your Investment Funds

  • Early Withdrawal without Penalty

  • Exit Tax

Caution: Please ignore the hype in the videos trying to get you to direct money in to INSURANCE & REAL ESTATE … just attend to the shortcomings of most 401k Plans today!

NOTE: 401KLever Plans do not predetermine where you should direct your investment funds –

if you wish you can still have your 401k invest in the share market, in Insurance Products, in Real Estate, and in to Businesses.

THE CHOICE IS YOURS Where you invest the money which 401Klever produces for you.

The BIG BENEFIT of 401KLever is

You Do Not have to risk your own money!

401KLever gives you the CAPITAL to make substantial investments towards building your Retirement NEST EGG

which you could not have going it alone, with only the meagre sums you are able to save from your pay packets.

Yes there are Tax Benefits from Investing in Insurance Products

However they too are loaded with hefty Administration Costs, have large Commission Payments made to Insurance Agents (Early on – significantly reducing your Investment Capital when you can least afford that)

…and the Earnings produced for investors is significantly lower in insurance products than what could be obtained making the same underlying investments as the Insurance Company – but externally.

You could end up with a better net result despite paying tax than what the Insurance Company is likely to give you tax exempt.

A prudent strategy would be to have your cake and eat it. You might still use the protective shell of Insurance to shelter tax while achieving higher investment returns externally.

Deft financial structuring is needed to defy gravity – yet it can be achieved with the assistance of a True Financial Professional *(whom we can point you to).

When you do invest in Real Estate market timing of when to get in and when to get out are essential. Additionally you need tax structuring to ensure that your gains are not gobbled up.

Note: The above videos are dated. Most of the negative criticisms are still valid – apart from the statements at the end of the 2nd video.

Legislative changes have made it much easier for you to take your money out of your 401k fund early, before retirement day without penalty.

You can protect investments in your 401k in 3 main ways:

1) Using Portfolio Insurance

2) Removing your money from the 401k Plan

3) Use the 401klever Plan to provide the investment capital *(which you can also take out, or leave invested in the sharemarket) while you keep your own money safe – in investments of your choice.

Business Investments can now be made using All of your 401k money not having a loan – your 401k Plan will own shares in your C Corp.;

You can shift money out of your 401k to invest in a Business using a loan (so that you still have capital invested in the 401k vehicle) and later on have your business borrow money to repay your 401k loan, or

Leave your 401KLever funds invested in the share market while your personal savings go in to Business Investments or Real Estate.