These are not get rich quick schemes – they are Retirement Programs which build capital over time – incrementally adding additional money on a progressive basis – and putting together savings via Tax Differentials between Taxable Earnings of Workers & Lower Rates of Corporate Income Tax plus additional savings stemming from FICA when instead of wages being paid business expenses avoid payroll tax.

Both programs are based on progressive Capital Aggregation over the time remaining until your retirement day with an initial fillip coming from the tax rebate from Personal 401k Contributions each year.

Further tax rebates can be gained when there are matching Employer Contributions

Actual realisable benefits can be enhanced by leverage and the recycling of Cash Flows.

Application of compound reinvestment concepts magnifies returns over time and speeds up the aggregation process.

A worker can select which program to apply for. The one without whistles is modest – suitable for individuals merely wishing to participate in the shower of Free Money which can be added to their 401k each year.

A) $200,000 – plain Vanilla

There is a token application fee of $2,500 and no investment need to be added by a worker.

We are not Good Samaritans. Our business is to make money for clients and for ourselves. We derive a share of what we help create. It amounts to around 33% of the capital aggregation over the term of the program.

We are not prepared to wait 20 years before being paid. There are staff and advisers to be paid and overheads to cover.

We require the bulk of our fees to be paid before the end of year 10 – progressive billing occurs end of years 2, 5 and 7.

A supplementary service we can provide is structuring of exit which allows our clients to retain more of the capital we help you amass.

B) $400,000 of Aggregated Capital – there is a lot more work involved to produce this amount of Capital for a client. Accordingly the application fee is $20,000.

This ensures that only genuine enquiries are made.

On receipt of your request (accompanied by the appropriate fee) you will be assigned a tutor to assist with orientation and development of the capital aggregation program you selected.

As the financial technology is proprietary there are no free looks. Information and instruction provided for you is confidential for your personal use only.